Finally, internet!

Hurray! After 3 weeks of waiting for AT&T to fix things I finally have internet at my new place in San Francisco.

To back up a little, I was living in Mountain View, part of the urban sprawl that is Silicon Valley. It took me less than 15 min to cycle to work and my place was really nice but Mountain View is kinda quiet and full of guys working in the tech industry. So after weeks of umming and arring I finally made the plunge and moved into the city (SF seems to be known only as ‘the city’). I moved to the Mission District, mostly because it’s within a 10 min cycle of the Caltrain which I take to work. It’s also reputed to be one of the most fun (funnest) parts of town. It’s also full of hipsters. I do now have to commute for about 1h15m but I think it’s worth it.

Sunny today. I’m off to sit in Dolores Park for the next few hours. Bye

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