Brief Curriculum Vitae

Dr Thomas Barclay
NASA Ames Research Center
M/S 244-30
Moffett Field
CA 94043, USA


  • Director, Kepler/K2 Guest Observer Office, NASA Ames Research Center, 2014-present
  • Principal Investigator / Senior Research Scientist, Bay Area Environmental Research Institute, 2014 – present
  • Research Scientist, Kepler Guest Observer Office, NASA Ames Research Center, 2011-2014


  • Ph. D. Astrophysics, Armagh Observatory and University College London, 2012
  • MSc. Astronomy and Radio Astronomy, University of Manchester, 2007
  • BSc. Physics with Astrophysics, University of Leeds, 2006

Refereed first author publications

  • Radial Velocity Observations and Light Curve Noise Modeling Confirm That Kepler-91b is a Giant Planet Orbiting a Giant Star, 2015, ApJ
  • A super-Earth-sized planet orbiting in or near the habitable zone around a Sun-like star, 2013, ApJ, 768, 101
  • A sub-Mercury-sized exoplanet, 2013, Nature, 494, 452
  • Photometrically derived masses and radii of the planet and star in the TrES-2 system, 2012, ApJ, 761, 53
  • Serendipitous Kepler observations of a background dwarf nova of SU UMa type, 2012, MNRAS, 422, 1219
  • Stellar variability on time-scales of minutes: results from the first 5 yr of the Rapid Temporal Survey, 2011, MNRAS, 413, 2696

Link to PDF of Curriculum Vitae, current as of January, 2015.